The Near Death Ensemble · Dystopian Creep GNTPLS113

  • The Near Death Ensemble · Dystopian Creep

The Near Death Ensemble · Dystopian Creep GNTPLS113

Loud, overdriven and noisy.. trippy... drugged-out .. paranoid... The Near Death Ensemble performs a devilishly improvisational and magical cocktail of Electronic, Hip Hop, Noise Rock, Free-Funk, Kraut Rock and Free-Jazz sounds, every time psychedelic, every time fresh with a rotating ensemble of musicians of almost telepathic connections.

In this record:

Marc Curcio · Guitar, Tapes, Noises, Dirty Talk
Giuliano Gius Cobelli · Electric Trumpet, Synths
Giorgio Menossi · Electronic Drums
Santiago Arteaga · Electric Bass
Andrea Turbo Barbiero · Vocals, Sitar, Percussions, Freak Sounds

Drawings by Joe Wray
Album Art by Giuliano Gius Cobelli

Mixing and Mastering by Giuliano Gius Cobelli

Distributed by Giant Pulse Records

THE NEAR DEATH ENSEMBLE is a POST-JAZZ FREE-ROCK CONSPIRACY of SOUND started by guitarist/composer Marc Curcio, also featuring Jorge da Rocha (double bass), Santiago Arteaga (bass), Giuliano Gius Cobelli (trumpet, synths), Francisco 'Pacho' Frieri (drums), Owen Kilfeather (tapes and devices), Giorgio Menossi (drums), Gabriel Millan (synths), Josephine Grundy (performance), Marc Thio (drums), Andrea Turbo Barbiero (sitar and vxs) and more...

THE NEAR DEATH ENSEMBLE is a cocktail of improvised music encompassing Cinematic, Post-Rock, Electronic, Soundscape, Free Jazz, Free Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz Noir, Post-Punk and Dub, featuring an international group of musicians from US, Europe and South America with influences such as Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Miles Davis, Trans Am, Mogwai, Tortoise, Marc Ribot, George Clinton, Mike Patton, Sun Ra, Swans, Gang of Four.

☉2020 T.N.D.E. & Giant Pulse Records

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