Bandius Companion

Bandius Companion is an instrumental music band based in Barcelona.

Created in Venice in 2014 by Italian accordionist and composer Angelo Cacciolato and born as a solo project with the release of two singles, it gradually opened to collaborations, initially with the electronics of Polpette and later with the producer Giuliano Gius Cobelli (ChUPACONChA, The Near Death Ensemble, Maïa Vidal) and drummer Giorgio Fausto Menossi, with whom the EP "Selected Grooves" (2017, Giant Pulse Records) was recorded.

In 2019, after the project was transferred to Barcelona, ​​Bandius Companion publishes the fifth work "Preguntas Fractales", which again sees the participation of Giorgio Fausto Menossi on drums and production, and the addition of four new elements: David D'Odorico on keyboards, Corrado Loi on electric bass, Andrea Fernandez on flute and Quentin Marsala on tenor sax.

The Bandius Companion project is inspired by the soundtracks of Italian detective stories of the ’70s and mixes them with a rhythmic and minimal black music, with careful use of timbres and melodies. The music blends acid grooves, afrobeat, lounge, jazz, psychedelia and progressive folk. The influences in the composition go through Fela Kuti, Stelvio Cipriani, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Napo de Mi Amor and Ses Black Devils, Charles Fox.

All the musicians who form the band are also part of an intricate puzzle of collaborations giving life to various projects of the Barcelona musical underground, including Radament, Carpa Koi, Indico, Conrad dj, Nereida, John Humphrey Coconut, Siónia, Arboreà, Kor:c:ho, Galaxy Quartet, Guretti.

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