Tithonus - TITHONUS (Full Album) GNTPLS066

  • Tithonus - TITHONUS (Full Album)

Tithonus - TITHONUS (Full Album) GNTPLS066

Tithonus album, out February 15th 2019

1. Phantasmagoria
2. Beefcake
3. Cuts
4. Hurricane
5. Compulsive Sarcasm

- Tithonus -

Two friends started an experimental noise band which would eventually be called TITHONUS: Ben Overlaet on guitar and Jan Van Woensel on drums. They recorded and self-released two songs: "Movements" and "I Want to Disappear into the Black Back of the Night Watch". During their 70 minutes long noise composition, Jan would occasionally also appear on guitar to create extra soundscapes. They played several noteworthy gigs in Belgium, Germany and Norway. Their noise composition was recorded live on their first public show in an old industrial building and was called "The Secret Session". Later Ben's brother Dave joined the band on bass guitar and their music became more structured, although the adventure of noise would never be far away. After a while, Jan decided to leave the band and Tim replaced him as a drummer. In that period their typical grunge sound was born. With their grunge set, inspired by bands like Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana, they played several gigs in Belgium and the Netherlands and they recorded the promo-album "Safe". They mainly played in Belgium and the Netherlands until Jan left again to work on his own music and got replaced by Chadwick, an American drummer living in Belgium. Not long after, Chadwick got replaced by Waut, who is their current drummer. They’re now working on new material while continuing to play live shows, and they will soon hit the studio to record a new album.

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