Italian guitar player, songwriter and producer, Andrea Rodo a.k.a. Andrew-A plays in many projects including Brian Downey and John Earle of Thin Lizzy, The Mary Stokes Band, JEA Production, Maria Laura Ronzoni and many more, recording at the most important studios in Dublin, such as Apollo Studio and Sonic Studio, working as a composer for the producer Stano, playing at Festivals such as the Guinness Jazz Festival in Cork and the Kilkenny Folk Festival. In Italy he plays for Macaco Records and tours with the Grimoon, in Spain with several projects such as Malacabeza, Joel Reyes, Pablo Pinilla productions in Madrid, the MIS orchestra of Barcelona and several other artists from Catalonia. He is also a guitar teacher and guitar tutor, endorser for JR Guitars and Delcam Audio and collaborator of the guitar website Boutique Profiles.