Bandius Companion - Preguntas Fractales (CD BOX / Download) GNTPLS096
€5.00 - €10.00

  • Bandius Companion - Preguntas Fractales (CD BOX / Download)
  • Bandius Companion - Preguntas Fractales (CD BOX / Download)
  • Bandius Companion - Preguntas Fractales (CD BOX / Download)
  • Bandius Companion - Preguntas Fractales (CD BOX / Download)

Bandius Companion - Preguntas Fractales (CD BOX / Download) GNTPLS096
€5.00 - €10.00

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Bandius Companion new album PREGUNTAS FRACTALES comes with a special CD PACKAGE in a limited edition of 33 copies, handcrafted and screen-printed, in full DIY style. It includes music cd with cardboard sleeve, book of drawn characters and cd box container with designed front and back. 100% HANDCRAFTED AND SILKSCREEN PRINTED. ONLY 33 COPIES AVAILABLE!

"Tan híbrido como emotivo, sostenido por una base de bajo-batería que nos lleva a saltar de edificio a edificio, de saco y corbata. Bandius Companion es una suerte de banda sonora de un viaje inesperado y exótico. Psicodelia, afrobeat, rare grooves, jazz, folk, lounge." - EL SOTANO ROCK

"Lots of nice people send me groovy music for free. In recent weeks none of them have been nicer or groovier than Bandius Companion. This bunch stand out." - 27 LEGGIES

Bandius Companion follows the footsteps of the previous album "Selected Grooves" (2017, Giant Pulse Records), with a new formation of six elements and more energetic sounds. Preguntas Fractales includes six new songs original in the mixture of timbres, the style of the compositions and the vast musical references.

The captivating and melodic grooves open directly on the urgent rhythms of drums and bass while paying homage to the analog Africa and the soundtracks of Italian ‘70s detective stories in The Boa Azul Great Escape and Afrobeat 2, where distorted organs and accordions intertwine in a psychedelic mantra echoed in unison by the flute and the saxophone.

The music evokes cinematic atmospheres with the obstinate and decisive rhythm of So Far, The Desert, while the elegant jazz lounge of Age Of Golden Rain is marked by more dramatic and epic tones without losing vitality in the groove. The interpretations, recorded live, are inspired and full of emotion (La Palma City Groove), until imploding in walls of electro-acoustic sound on odd times (Haram).

1. The Boa Azul Great Escape
2. So Far, The Desert
3. Age Of Golden Rain
4. Afrobeat 2
5. La Palma City Groove
6. Haram

Angelo Cacciolato: accordion and composition
David Indio D’Odorico: organs and piano
Corrado Conrad Loi: electric bass
Andrea Fernandez: flute
Quentin Marsala: tenor sax
Giorgio Fausto Menossi: drums

Recorded and mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at Taak Studio.
Mixed by Giorgio Fausto Menossi
Distributed by Giant Pulse Records, Barcelona

Cover Design by Mad Era

Produced by Angelo Cacciolato and Giorgio Fausto Menossi

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